What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is the trade name for semaglutide, a relatively new treatment for Type 2 Diabetics. It is also sold by the same company under the name Wegovy, and under that name is FDA approved for weight loss in patients who have obesity (BMI 30 or higher). Ozempic is a highly effective treatment for weight loss, when combined with a healthy reduced calorie diet. Due to it’s popularity, Ozempic is often hard to find.  Omaha Med Spa has been able to obtain Ozempic and it is offered to patients with obesity (BMI of 30 or higher). Ozempic users will follow the safe and highly effective OWL (Omaha Weight Loss) Diet program developed by Dr. Carter Abbott. The OWL Diet is offered exclusively at Omaha Med Spa. There are no generics of Ozempic at this time.  There are other drugs from this new class of medication that also assist in weight loss but we are not offering them at this time.

image of Ozempic brand name pen

Warning about Compounded versions of Semaglutide

Some compounding pharmacies are working with a chemical similar to, but not the same as, Semaglutide.  They often use a chemical made using a different salt (sodium or acetate) which can affect how the chemical works in the human body.  These different chemicals have never been studied and their safety and efficacy are unknown.  The FDA has sent out warnings regarding this compounded version, as they have received many complaints of adverse effects from these compounded versions.  Compounded versions may be offered as injections (usually given in the office) or sublingual solutions (administered under the tongue).  Sublingual use has never been studied, so it’s absorption, dosing and safety is unknown.  For all of these reasons, Omaha Med Spa is remaining compliant with the law and only dispensing brand name Ozempic out of our Omaha Med Spa pharmacy, located in the same office as the med spa.  Yes, it is more expensive, but you are assured of getting the legitimate FDA approved drug known as Ozempic.

Read more about the FDA warning here:

FDA statement on compounded versions of semaglutide

How is Ozempic administered and stored?

Ozempic will be dispensed by Omaha Med Spa pharmacy. We will not be calling in prescriptions for Ozempic or Wegovy. Patients will receive one prefilled pen. The new pens can deliver multiple doses. Ozempic is injected once per week at home, by the patient.  It may be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator. If a patient is going to be leaving the prescription in a hot vehicle for any length of time, then an insulated bag with ice pack should be used until you return home.

What is the Total Cost of Using Ozempic from Omaha Med Spa?

We are offering a bundled price of $2,000 that will include the following:

Initial 60 minute consultation with PA or MD. At this visit the provider will go over The OWL Diet program in detail, screen the patient for suitability for use of Ozempic, and train them in its proper use. Ozempic users will follow The OWL Diet. If appropriate, Phentermine, Hcg, and/or Topiramate may be added to Ozempic (the cost of these additional medications are paid by the patient at their local pharmacy).

First time users of Ozempic will receive 6-8 weeks of treatment. The dosing of Ozempic starts low and may be increased over time. The dosing regimen options for First Time Ozempic users will be 0.25mg once weekly for 4 weeks.  At that point, they may continue on the same 0.25mg dose for another 4 weeks, or the dose may be increased to 0.5mg once weekly for 2 weeks. The lowest effective dose of Ozempic will be selected to reduce risk of adverse side effects.  Ozempic may be restarted for a second and third round as needed.  We then offer a higher dose Ozempic pen for patients using 0.5mg or 1.0mg weekly. The package price of $2,000 remains the same.

The $2,000 bundle price includes:

  • Initial OWL Consult or Restart visit
  • A new brand name Ozempic pen dispensed from our pharmacy in the med spa
  • Weekly visits until the Ozempic pen is used up
  • Lipo-B shots at weekly visits.
  • A copy of The OWL Diet book if you don’t already have one
  • Lab panel consisting of CBC, CMP and TSH (drawn in our med spa and interpreted by our provider

Why is Ozempic so expensive?

Ozempic is a new drug, and the wholesale cost for Omaha Med Spa to buy this drug is very high.  We don’t bill your health insurance and we will not submit detailed receipts to insurance companies if you want to be reimbursed. We suggest that if you wish to use health insurance, then you should go to your regular health care provider. If you are a Type 2 Diabetic then seeing your regular health care provider makes the most sense.


You may pay for Ozempic using cash, check or credit card.  Cherry may not be used to pay for Ozempic.

Can anyone take Ozempic?  What are the side effects?

Omaha Med Spa will prescribe Ozempic for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher after they have been screened by our health care provider at the Ozempic Consultation. There are known side effects and risks from taking Ozempic that we will discuss. As a newer treatment, more adverse side effects and risks may be reported that we are not currently aware of.

You cannot take Ozempic if you have a history of gall bladder disease, pancreatitis or thyroid cancer, or a family history of thyroid cancer. If your gall bladder has been removed and you are no longer having problems with the biliary system, then you may qualify for Ozempic.

No Refunds

If you have an adverse effect from Ozempic and have to stop taking it, there are no refunds as Omaha Med Spa cannot return a partly used Ozempic pen. Your weight loss success on The OWL Diet, with or without the use of Ozempic, is user dependent and we cannot guarantee results.