Results and Pricing

The average woman will lose 15 pounds per month and the average man will lose 20 pounds per month, when following Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet, and with the proper use of the prescription medications, vitamins and supplements.

Individual results will vary depending on your starting weight (or BMI), your age and your level of physical activity. Success is also dependent on following the food plan correctly.

Dr Abbott likes to say “Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet never failed anyone, but people have failed the diet because they did not follow it”. That is why regular visits are so important. We want to help you stay on track. We monitor what you are eating, how much fluid you are consuming, levels of activity, bowel pattern and sleep habits. Not only are we monitoring your progress, we are providing you with positive coaching and support.

I love the staff who are so caring and attentive. I have done The OWL Diet and they are always available for my questions and concerns. I am so impressed with my results. Worth every penny!
M.T. woman age 47

After seeing the success my wife had on The OWL Diet, I decided to try it too. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. That staff was very supportive during my weight loss. I would highly recommend Omaha Med Spa to anyone interested in losing weight.
M.S. man age 50


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You will be taking The OWL Dietary Supplements selected by Dr Abbott, and required of all participants while on the program.  Metabolic Lean costs $48 plus tax and is a capsule taken at noon and supper.

All participants will undergo a thorough evaluation before they start Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet, which includes a review of medical history, medication use and lifestyle habits. This visit takes approximately one hour. Different prescription treatment options will be reviewed with you. Baseline lab work is done at this time and repeated every year.  At Omaha Med Spa your annual lab testing will cost between $95 – $190.  Bring a copy of any lab testing that you have had done in the past 12 months and we may be able to accept those results.

Once you are approved for OWL Diet participation, you will pay for your “First Month”, which includes 4 more weekly visits, a copy of Dr. Abbott’s book “The OWL Diet” 2nd edition and support by telephone and email as needed. The cost for this First Month of Office Visits is $450.

After the completion of the First Month, you will then sign up for “Additional Months” of OWL Diet participation.  Even if we have not seen you for several years, you will always come back at the “Additional Month” fee of $165.  This includes a short visit with the provider to update medical history and current medications, and one follow-up visit at either the completion of Week 3 or Week 4 of that cycle.  At your restart visit you will also purchase an additional bottle of Lean Metabolic for $48 – it is taken at noon and supper.

We prescribe Phentermine for most OWL Diet participants.  This is an oral medication that has been FDA approved for over 30 years.  Phentermine controls hunger, provides energy and increases your metabolism (the rate that you burn fat increases).  We have a few Phentermine dosage options to offer our patients.  With the GoodRx discount app patients can obtain enough Phentermine for one month starting at around $10 – $12 per month.  Lower dose compounded Phentermine is a bit more expensive.

The cost of prescription medications are generally not covered by your health insurance plan. The costs will vary depending on the different medications that are used.

We offer semaglutide (generic of Ozempic), sold as weekly in med spa injections. Pricing depends on the dosage that you receive, and is payable on a weekly basis.

HCG for home injection is dispensed by Dr Abbott out of his office based pharmacy.  You will receive 28 prefilled syringes of 125iu HCG per syringe, for once daily injection in the morning.  The cost is $225.

Many OWL Diet participants over age 40 are evaluated for low testosterone. Low testosterone has been associated with obesity and mid-abdominal fat. Your health care provider will discuss the treatment options for testosterone replacement therapy for men and women, and the associated cost.  We offer affordable pellet implants starting at $350 for women and $700 for men. We also offer a home program for self injection of testosterone for both men and women.

Many participants add Vitamin B-12 injections – $30 single injection / pkg of 4 injections for $100

Lipo-B shots are another option, containing Vitamin B-12 as well as 3 fat burners known as “MIC”.  A single office injection is $45 / package of 4 injections is $120.

Lipo-BV shots add B complex vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-6 to the Lipo-B formulation.  A single office injection is $50 / package of 4 injections is $150.

Glutathione shots also assist with weight loss, liver detoxification and anti-aging.  A single office injection is $45 / package of 4 injections is $120.

Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet!

Topiramate is another FDA approved oral medicine that has a side effect of weight loss.  We prescribe this drug in only 10% of patients due to the higher risk of negative side effects.  If prescribed, the medication is very inexpensive.

Every year my husband and I vacation on our Harley motorcycles. Dr. Abbott’s OWL Diet is the best aid to ensure that our vacation ride is comfortable and we have the energy to play from the early morning to evening. Being at an optimal weight is the difference between going along with the crowd or choosing to lead the pack.
J.G. woman age 58

As a 33 year old mother of three, I noticed something different in my life. After my youngest child was born, I was not able to drop the baby weight as easy as I did with my first two pregnancies. As CEO of a growing company and “Mom” CEO of my family, I felt in control of everything except for my health and my weight. I am a very busy person and I tend to be a stress eater along with eating most of my calories in the late afternoon and into the evening. Even though I am only four weeks into The OWL Diet, I definitely feel more in control.
A.B. woman age 33

More OWL Diet Success Stories

The Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet has helped many people achieve permanent weight loss. OWL Diet participants lose weight quickly, rewarding them for their efforts and helping them stay on the path to losing all of the weight.

Because we teach you how to eat healthy foods in healthy portions, you will not find it difficult to keep the weight off.