Body Sculpting and Dieting

Are you concerned about how your skin will look as you lose weight?  We have the solution for that too!  Using state of the art medical technology, Evolve and Evoke treatments use radiofrequency to tighten skin and burn stubborn fat!  Doing both treatments together is a logical pairing.

before and after Evolve Tite treatment to the abdomen

before and after Evolve Tite treatment to the abdomen

This new technology is the hottest treatment in Omaha today!  Omaha Med Spa is the only med spa in the Omaha metro that has both machines, allowing us to treat the following body areas: cheek, jawline, chin/neck, upper arms, upper legs, buttocks, back, chest and abdomen. Evolve is the only machine that works on all 3 body sculpting goals – skin tightening, fat burning and muscle toning.  Treatments are customized to each individual.

Evolve and Evoke use RF (radiofrequency) energy to safely and effectively tighten skin and burn fat.  You will need 3-9 treatments per body area.  Treatments are spaced one week apart.  If you want to spread them apart further that is fine as well.  Results occur over weeks to months with your final result occurring 3 months from the last treatment.

Body Contouring / Body Sculpting Membership

We are offering a Three Month Membership that will allow you to have four treatments per month of either Evoke or Evolve X for Only $1,000/month.  That brings your per visit charge to Only $250!  Single visits are normally priced at $600.

Evoke before and after for jowls and chin

What problem areas can be treated with these two machines, Evolve X and Evoke?

Lower face “jowls” are caused by skin laxity of the lower cheek and are often compounded by fat deposits. Prescription: Evoke (cheek applicator)

Under chin fat deposits and skin laxity on the front of the neck.  Prescription: Evoke (chin applicator)

Evolve before and after abdomen

Upper arm skin laxity, with or without extra fat deposits. Prescription: Evolve X (Tite or Transform applicator)

Abdomen skin laxity with or without extra fat deposits: Prescription: Evolve X (Transform)

Back fat (common after menopause and often resistant to dieting). Prescription: Evolve X (Transform)

Wrinkling and skin laxity above the knees. Prescription: Evolve X (Tite or Transform)

Evolve before and after thighs cellulite and skin laxity

Evolve before and after thighs for cellulite and skin laxity

Wrinkling, skin laxity of the thighs, with or without fat deposits and cellulite. Prescription: Evolve X (Tite or Transform)

Buttock wrinkling, skin laxity, with or without fat deposits and cellulite. Prescription: Evolve X (Transform)

Evoke and Evolve X are the best body contouring machines on the market today.  Why do we say that with such confidence?  Because the RadioFrequency (RF) energy of both Evoke and Evolve X penetrates to the correct skin depth to achieve the desired result.  Everyone will see skin tightening and production of new collagen for younger firmer skin.  If you want fat reduction to the area being treated, then we set the temperature accordingly, and you will also see fat reduction!

The science of Unipolar versus Bipolar RF machines may sound boring to the reader, but the meaning is so very important.  This is what really makes Evolve X and Evoke stand out compared to other devices that claim to achieve these results. Bipolar RF is a closed loop of RF energy – the RF is released on one side of the applicator and looped back into the machine on the other side.  This allows RF energy to be concentrated and focused – and this scientific fact leads to greater results.  The company that developed Evoke and Evolve owns the patent on Bipolar RF – you won’t see this technology on any other machine.

For many of us, it comes down to “How do I look in the mirror” or “How do I look in shorts or a swimsuit”.  Many of us shy away from wearing the summer clothes that we want to wear, and perhaps even avoid community pools.  Boating with friends and attending private pool parties doesn’t have to cause panic about what you will wear and what people will think about your body! The Prescription is available today: Evolve X and Evoke.  and You achieve non-surgical results that will last for months and even years to come.  Body sculpting is an investment, an investment in you and your self-confidence. When compared to the cost of cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, Evoke and Evolve are affordable.

Are you now excited to see one of our providers and get started?  The next step is to call us and schedule a free body sculpting consultation to see if Evoke and Evolve X are right for you.  We are available at (402) 614-5556.  If you decide to proceed, we will have you sign a simple agreement allowing us to charge your credit or debit card $1,000 now, and $1,000 per month over the next two months.  And yes, once you start seeing the results, you may wish to treat new areas. You can start a new three month membership at any time.

Treatment tips:  Arrive well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and bring some reading material or music to listen to. Empty your bladder before you get hooked up to the machine, as your visit may take up to one hour. Use of your smart phone will not interfere with the treatment. During Evoke jowl treatments you cannot talk on the phone, but with Evolve X you can!  At each visit you are brought into our dedicated Body Sculpting room and a provider attaches the correct applicators, in the proper location, and adjusts machine settings for temperature and duration of treatment.  You are then left to enjoy privacy during your treatment.  At the end of the treatment, the machine will turn off and one of our front desk Support Specialists will remove the belts and applicators and help remove gel from your skin.  You are then allowed time to dress in private, come out and book your next visit.  In most cases, you will be coming in once per week.  A separate area can be treated the same day, and this counts towards one of your four monthly treatments.  Each area should be treated 6 times for the best possible results, so this three month membership allows you to fully treat two areas.  The benefits from RF treatments take time – weeks to months -so you must allow at least 3 months to pass from your last treatment to evaluate the results.  Be sure to take before pictures on your cell phone!

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