Body Sculpting and Dieting

Are you concerned about how your skin will look as you lose weight?  We have the solution for that too!  Using state of the art medical technology, Evolve and Evoke treatments use radiofrequency to tighten skin and burn stubborn fat!  Doing both treatments together is a logical pairing.

before and after Evolve Tite treatment to the abdomen

before and after Evolve Tite treatment to the abdomen

This new technology is the hottest treatment in Omaha today!  Omaha Med Spa is the only med spa in the Omaha metro that has both machines, allowing us to treat the following body areas: cheek, jawline, chin/neck, upper arms, upper legs, buttocks, back, chest and abdomen. Evolve is the only machine that works on all 3 body sculpting goals – skin tightening, fat burning and muscle toning.  Treatments are customized to each individual.

Evolve and Evoke use RF (radiofrequency) energy to safely and effectively tighten skin and burn fat.  You will need 3-9 treatments per body area.  Treatments are spaced one week apart.  If you want to spread them apart further that is fine as well.  Results occur over weeks to months with your final result occurring 3 months from the last treatment.

No pain!  This does not hurt, unlike other RF treatments on the market today.  Recovery time is short – lasting just a few hours.

Evolve can be used on the upper arms. the upper and lower back, the abdomen, the buttock, the thighs and above the knees.

Evoke is used on the lower cheeks and jawline for tightening, fat burning (if needed) and contouring.  Evoke has a separate chin applicator that goes under the chin to work in the same way – tighten, burn fat and contour your profile.

Pricing: The Regular cost per visit is $600, but patients who are actively on The OWL Diet may buy single visits for Half Price – ONLY $300 per visit.

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Evoke neck and chin

Evolve abdomen