Low calorie foods that taste as good as they look!

Food boredom can become an issue for some Owl Dieters. Once you hit your goal weight on The OWL Diet these products help to spice up your cooking and salads! Here are a few tips that may help! (I bought these items at Family Fare grocery in Omaha NE is May 2021).

Sugar free BBQ sauceBBQ sauce

Gluten free, Sugar free BBQ sauce! 10 calories in 2 tablespoons, so moderation is the key.  The entire bottle is 170 calories.

Maple Grove farms salad dressing

This is a personal favorite – Maple Grove Farms of  Vermont Sugar Free Raspberry Vinaigrette is only 5 calories for 2 tbsp. It is very sweet.  The whole bottle is only 40 calories.

Chi Chi's Salsa

Chi Chi’s salsa.  I like it because it is thick and chunky.  Flavor is excellent. Two tablespoons is only 10 calories.  170 calories in the entire jar.  Skip the chips that might go with them!  Salsa goes great on egg whites!  And it can be a condiment for meats.

When you read my book The OWL Diet you will not see these particular items mentioned, as they are not calorie free.  For calorie free items consider trying Walden Farms, but the flavor profile can be an adjustment for some.  Long term, choosing lower calorie food items will help you keep the weight off.