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Looking for a Diet that works?

You just found it!

The Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet is a Low Calorie Diet of approximately 800 calories per day, combined with mild exercise and the use of one or more prescription medications to help you achieve your weight loss goal. OWL stands for “Omaha Weight Loss” since Omaha Nebraska USA is the birthplace of this highly effective weight loss plan.  The Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet was developed in 2007 by Dr. Carter Abbott, a family physician, who needed to lose weight. The diet worked for him, and his wife too. And they have learned how to keep their weight off permanently! The pictures show Dr. Abbott and his wife Lenore – before and after they lost over 40 pounds between the two of them! Through Omaha Med Spa we have enrolled over 4,000 people in The OWL Diet plan!

Medical Weight Loss Plan
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What You Will Learn

Dr. Abbott literally wrote the book on The Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet. In his book you will learn:

  • How the diet leads to an average weight loss of 15-20 pounds per month
  • How the prescription medication Phentermine can curb your hunger and boost your calorie burn
  • GLP-1 medications help you feel full, making it harder to eat a large meal, and reducing your cravings for food. We offer Semaglutide, as weekly in office injections.
  • Weekly Vitamin B-12 shots can boost energy and Lipo-B shots can help burn fat as well!
  • We offer Glutathione weekly injections – believed to aid in liver metabolism of fats
  • How prescription Topiramate taken at bedtime can improve your sleep and lead to additional weight loss
  • How low Testosterone in men and women is related to weight gain, and restoring Testosterone can improve your life
  • Hcg is also available on request for our dieters
  • How weight loss can reduce your need for Rx medications for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, High blood pressure and joint pain
  • How to lose weight by eating from a large variety of healthful foods, including lean meats, fruits & vegetables, bread products and more!
  • How mild exercise is permitted while following The OWL Diet plan
  • How we use natural supplements to aid in your weight loss

Dr. Abbott and his staff are truly amazing! They helped me lose weight that I’ve struggled with before coming to them. The staff are great coaches and a support team. They are angels in my eyes and helped me achieve so much. Thanks for all you do!– A.C. woman age 28

An Easy to Follow Plan -That Works!

We all know that dieting is never easy, but this is a plan that really works! Dr. Abbott has made the food plan easy to follow. It includes all of the following:

  • Zero calorie flavored beverages
  • Diet pop
  • Caffeine containing coffee, tea and soda
  • An option to have up to one alcoholic beverage per day (exchanges with the bread option)
  • Eat protein, salad and vegetables at lunch and supper
  • Three snacks between meals consisting of fruit or yogurt
  • Choose from lean proteins such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp or vegetarian options (beans or tofu), egg whites
  • Gluten free alternative to the “bread” option (popcorn or nuts), gluten free salad dressing
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Medical Weight Loss Plan

A Medical Weight Loss Plan

Looking for a Diet that works? Looking for a “medical weight loss plan”? The Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet plan is then for you!

  • It is offered by Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants who understand obesity and the safe administration of prescription medications
  • It provides a balanced diet that teaches you the right way to eat for the rest of your life
  • It is a plan that works for men and women of all ages, and with a range of medical conditions
  • It emphasizes the need for regular office or spa visits to monitor your progress during the first month
  • It includes the safe use of prescription medications and supplements – to help you with metabolism, hunger and fat burning

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How it Works

While on Omaha Weight Loss OWL Diet you will select, from a long list of approved foods, the ones that you like! We then show you how to put them together to form two main meals and 3 snacks per day. We do not sell protein powders, shakes, bars or packaged foods. We do teach you how to eat healthfully to lose weight and keep it off. You will choose from a large variety of meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, white fish, salmon, shrimp, crab and scallops. You may also choose a vegan option using egg whites, tofu and beans. You will also select from a huge variety of vegetables, some of which you will combine with lettuce greens to make a fulfilling salad. We even tell you how to select the right salad dressings! Some vegetables will also be cooked, to be eaten with your meat selections to create real meals. For snacks you may choose items such as fruit and yogurt. We even have a couple of free foods! Even a calorie reduced diet should allow for bread or carbs! The Owl Diet allows you to make a sandwich or even enjoy popcorn!